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January 5th, 2016

Hello and Happy New Year!

Looking back, 2015 was an extremely productive year, due in large part to the leadership of Chair Mary Hynes. This short video captures it well.  

Looking forward, per tradition, the County Board met on January 1st.  Libby Garvey was selected to be our Chair, and I was selected to serve as Vice Chair for 2016. Our two new colleagues, Katie Cristol and Christian Dorsey took their seats for the first time. I am very hopeful about our newest members, and look forward to working with all my Board colleagues this year. 

My brief statement at the meeting reflects my view that Arlington is in a strong position, yet lays out the challenges and opportunities that we face. I identified my priorities for the year as: 
•    School and facility siting needs
•    Economic competitiveness
•    Housing affordability
•    Balancing our budget and our values

Here are my closing thoughts on balancing our budget and our values:
Finally, we must ensure that the budget is a living, breathing reflection of the values of our community. One value is getting value. I remain committed to scrutinize every dollar spent, leverage outside funds, and partner to get the best value possible. As a former GAO auditor, I hate to waste anything, and look forward to working with our new County Board Auditor to find some savings and improve program performance. I also, however, believe in making smart investments for the future.

Arlington continues to excel in the provision of our core services (public safety, education and transportation). What has always distinguished Arlington, and made us a GREAT community, is our conscience and compassion that motivate us to stretch beyond the standard services to value the arts, help persons with intellectual disabilities, assist seniors on a fixed income with housing and services or create a Homeless Services Center for those living on the street, do our part to protect the environment, and provide quality recreation, trails and parks. 

Moreover, we value diversity and embrace people’s differences as a source of this community’s strength. These core progressive values fuel our pride and our passion for Arlington and should not be diluted or dismantled. They are what makes Arlington Arlington.
I am confident that just as we have remade ourselves during the past decades, Arlington will again meet our challenges. We will tap our collective creativity and compassion to ensure a bright and sustainable future for generations to come. 

The Washington Post article on our meeting was interesting.

Please stay tuned and stay involved. Let’s keep Arlington moving forward! While change is inevitable and healthy, that change must be thoughtful and guided by a vision and values. I have no interest in change for change’s sake -  either in Arlington or in the country – and will be working hard for a DEMOCRAT with strong progressive values to fill Barak Obama’s shoes.

I value and appreciate your support and friendship. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any ideas or questions.



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